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Fictional World

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"Fictional World" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Ienzo: "'If you arrive in a world that's neither of light nor darkness, but somewhere on the other side, your task will be far from easy.'"

Kairi: "Yes, he said that's the answer."

Even: "Not of light or darkness, but on the other side?"

Ienzo: "I've never heard of a place like that..."

Even: "Something else he said perplexes me... "Your voice can't reach us. I'm certain of where your heart is.""

Ienzo: "You would assume that he's referring to the realm of darkness, but...that clearly isn't the case here, wouldn't you say?"

Ansem the Wise: "Where voices can't reach... The other side of our world, of reality... Unreality? A fictional world?"

Ienzo: "Fictional?"

Ansem the Wise: "I'm afraid such mysteries are beyond our comprehension."

Kairi: "Maybe Mickey or Master Yen Sid knows."

Riku walks into the room.

Riku: "Any news?"

Kairi: "Riku!"

Riku: "Kairi! You woke up!"

Kairi: "Yeah, just now. How come you're here?"

Riku: "Well, actually I found some info about Sora."

Kairi: "Really? We got something too!"

Riku: "You did?"

Fairy Godmother appears.

Fairy Godmother: "Oh, excuse me, dears, I certainly didn't mean to startle you."

The Fairy Godmother turns to Riku.

Fairy Godmother: "If you're not expecting magic, it can be a surprise."

Riku: "No kidding."

Fairy Godmother: "Now then, I am the Fairy Godmother. And it's a pleasure to meet you all."

Riku: "She came here at Yen Sid's request. He said she's got a clue that might help us find Sora."

Kairi: "Yen Sid sent you?"

Fairy Godmother: "That's right. To find Sora, we need three keys. First, Riku, and then of course there's you, dear Kairi."

Kairi: "Okay..."

Fairy Godmother: "With Riku's dreams and Kairi's memories, you two have already done your part."

Riku: "Kairi's memories?"

Ienzo: "Yes. We performed an examination of Kairi's heart and obtained an important clue from the lost memories it contains, which is that...there's another world on the other side of ours that's not of darkness or light."

Kairi: "Riku, what did you dream?"

Riku: "Oh well since Sora disappeared, I've been having dreams about a large city with tall buildings. Apparently, that's the clue."

Even: "A city..."

Ienzo: "Maybe that's what Xehanort was talking about. A fictional world..."

Riku: "A fictional world?"

Ansem the Wise: "Yes, perhaps. The three realms of our world—light, darkness, and between—these are all places we can travel to because they are on "our side." This also includes the worlds of memories, data, and dreams. If I am correct, then this "other side" of our world from which voices cannot reach must be a place outside of our reality. Namely, it must be unreality, or fiction. But...that is the extent of our knowledge."

Kairi: "So, I thought we should go to Mickey and Master Yen Sid to ask about it."

Fairy Godmother: "Mmm, I'm not quite sure they're be able to help you, my dear."

Riku: "Then what now?"

Fairy Godmother: "Oh, you forget; there are three people who hold the key. There's still one more. One with a strong will and a very precious dream."

Kairi: "Who is it?"

Fairy Godmother: "You'll see. I'll introduce you!"

Riku: "Huh?"

Video[edit | edit source]

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