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The Answer

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"The Answer" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Kairi: "Thank you…Sora."

Xehanort: "On the day that I sent you out from your world… Do you remember what it is I said to you. Those words hold the answer you seek. I may cause you to suffer, but I am a product of your heart. For that reason, I shall give you your answer."

Xehanort begins to transform through his various forms until reaching becoming Terra-Xehanort.

Terra-Xehanort: "Before, when my heart and body were still united as one, I told you about what would happen if we were to fail. "If you arrive in a world that's neither of light nor darkness but somewhere on the other side, your task will be far from easy." That is the answer I have for you."

Terra-Xehanort disappears.

Kairi: "What does that mean?"

Video[edit | edit source]

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