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Fated Meeting

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"Fated Meeting" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Kairi: "Who are you? Show your face!"

Xehanort reveals his face. Kairi prepares to fight him.

Xehanort: "Not so fast, my dear."

Kairi: "You're the one who keeps messing with my fate. If it weren't for everything that you've done, then Sora and everyone would be safe. Even if you're not really here and this is just a memory or illusion...I won't let you walk away!"

Xehanort: "You're right, I set you adrift in another world and drastically altered the course of your fate. In the end you were destroyed by my hand, paving the way for Sora's disappearance."

Kairi attacks Xehanort. Xehanort catches Kairi's Keyblade as she swings at him.

Xehanort: "You've become quite the Keyblade wielder! For a retired master, Yen Sid prepared you remarkably well."

Kairi let's go of her Keyblade and attacks him again. Xehanort catches Kairi's Keyblade in mid-air.

Xehanort: "This world was created from the memories contained within your heart. You seek clues to Sora's whereabouts by using your memories of him to search through your own heart. But there's nothing for you to find here. I'm afraid the answer you seek lies in memories that are long gone."

Xehanort throws Kairi in the air. Kairi turns around and lunges at Xehanort.

Kairi: "I have had enough of this!"

Kairi continues her assault of Xehanort, but Xehanort defeats her. Xehanort attempts to swing at her, but his attack is parried by the Kingdom Key.

Xehanort: "Ah, look who joined us."

Kairi stands up and transforms into Sora.

Xehanort: "As I thought, your voice can't reach us here. Now I'm certain of where your heart is."

Video[edit | edit source]

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