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To the Other Side

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"To the Other Side" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Kairi: "This place..."

Riku: "You know it?"

Kairi: "Yeah...I came here with Sora, and also in my dreams while I slept. This is...the Final World. But there's no one here."

Fairy Godmother: "That's not true. Why don't you look closer?"

Riku and Kairi notice the stars.

Kairi: "The stars. I never noticed."

Fairy Godmother: "Yes, strong hearts gather here after death until they are ready to move on. I'm sure she's around here somewhere."

Riku: "She?"

Fairy Godmother: "The final key."

The Fairy Godmother, Riku, and Kairi find the Nameless Star.

Fairy Godmother: "We found you! We've been searching all over for you, my dear."

Nameless Star: "Do I know you?"

Kairi: "I'm Kairi. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Nameless Star: "You're all able to retain your appearance in this world. I met someone else who could do that."

Riku: "Um, so she's the final key?"

Fairy Godmother: "That's right, dear. Now we finally have all three."

Riku: "But how exactly can she help?"

Fairy Godmother: "It's simple. She came from the world on the other side."

Kairi and Riku: "What?"

Fairy Godmother: "You see, she's very special. Her form was taken from her, but she managed to find her way here. If she goes back to her world, her heart will certainly be stolen. Right, dear?"

Nameless Star: "Oh...yes. It seems you know a lot about me."

Fairy Godmother: "A little, and I would use my magic to change you back if I could. But I'm afraid that's impossible while you're in this form. Don't fret, though. I believe that we'll find a way to make your dream come true very soon."

Nameless Star: "My dream...come true?"

Riku: "I want to help make that happen. Will it lead us to Sora?"

Fairy Godmother: "Oh, I'm afraid it's not that simple. First, we must get to her world. She can open a path for us, and you can use the power of waking to go there."

Riku: "The power of waking..."

Nameless Star: "Sorry, but did I hear you say "Sora"?"

Kairi: "Wait. Do you know him?"

Nameless Star: "Yes. He was here. He encouraged me not to give up. Did something happen to him?"

Riku: "Yes. Sora disappeared. He's a good friend of ours, so we've been looking for him. Right now, we think he's in a big city full of tall buildings. Ring any bells?"

Nameless Star: "A city full of tall buildings... Quadratum? It has more skyscrapers than any other city I know. That must be it."

Riku: "Quadratum... Is that where Sora is?"

Fairy Godmother: "There's no way of knowing...but I believe it is possible."

Riku: "All right... "

Riku turns towards the Nameless Star.

Riku: "Think you can help us?"

Nameless Star: "I'm not sure exactly what's happening. But if Sora is in trouble, I want to help. Please, let me know what you need from me."

Riku: "Thanks."

Riku summons a portal.

Fairy Godmother: "I'm afraid this is as much as I can do. It's up to you, Riku, to take care of the rest."

Riku nods and begins to approach the portal.

Kairi: "I want to go."

Riku: "Kairi, that's not—"

Kairi: "Yeah, I know. I want to go with you. But... I know that I can't. I need to finish training. I need to become stronger. And when I do, I'll be right there next to you and Sora. "

Riku: "Good."

Kairi: "But first I'll go explain everything to Donald and Goofy and to Mickey and Master Yen Sid."

Fairy Godmother: "Be careful out there, dear. And try not to do anything too reckless. Come straight back if you encounter any trouble."

Riku: "I will."

Video[edit | edit source]

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