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Another Key

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"Another Key" is the post-credits cutscene in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

King Mickey: "Riku went alone!? But that’s way to dangerous! I hafta go after him now!"

Mickey runs to the door, but Donald and Goofy stop him.

Master Yen Sid: "Do not be hasty, Mickey."

King Mickey: "But Master Yen Sid, he’s all alone in a world we know nothing about!"

Master Yen Sid: "Precisely. We have never faced something like this before, which is why we must remain calm."

King Mickey: "But..."

King Mickey sighs.

Master Yen Sid: "Kairi. This information you bring us, it comes from Xehanort during his time as a researcher?"

Kairi: "Yes."

Master Yen Sid: "Then that means he must have been aware of this other world for quite some time."

King Mickey: "But we defeated Xehanort. Is there anybody else we can ask?"

Master Yen Sid: "When I was still serving as a Keyblade Master, it was known that the ancient masters had crossed over into another world. I surmise that Xehanort looked more deeply into that world."

King Mickey: "The ancient Keyblade Masters..."

Master Yen Sid: "For now we must reach out to those in Radiant Garden, the Land of Departure, and Twilight Town who are searching for Sora to inform them of what we have learned and have them halt their respective efforts. Donald, Goofy, I leave this to you."

Donald Duck: "Yes, sir!"

Goofy: "Yes, sir!"

Master Yen Sid: "And Kairi, will you continue your training as you were before?"

Kairi: "Actually, I’d like to study under Master Aqua."

Master Yen Sid: "That is an excellent idea. I approve."

Kairi: "Thank you."

Master Yen Sid: "And you, Mickey."

King Mickey: "Yes."

Master Yen Sid: "I task you with the investigation of this new world and how it is related to the ancient Keyblade Masters."

King Mickey: "But how?"

Master Yen Sid: "You’ll the world of Scala ad Caelum."

An oath to Return. KINGDOM HEARTS

Video[edit | edit source]

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