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Doom (死の宣告「デス」[?] Shi no Senkoku/Desu?, lit. "Death Sentence"/"Death") is a Sleight found in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and a Status Effect found throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. It causes a timer or counter to be placed over a victim's head, causing them to die after the countdown reaches zero.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Hearts[edit | edit source]

"Fluttering its eerie cloak, it cast a spell to take Sora's heart."
Description of the Phantom's Doom attack.
Doom KHFM.png

In Kingdom Hearts, Doom is the Phantom's first attack during its boss fight. It is connected to the minute hands on the Clock Tower. When the minute hands on the Clock Tower pass each numeral on the clock's faces, the timer above the character with the Doom status counts down another numeral. The Phantom initially casts Doom on Peter Pan, then it will move to the second party member, (who is either Donald or Goofy, depending on who the player has in their party), then finally onto Sora, regardless of party member order. Doom lasts for the entirety of the fight, and cannot be dispelled. However, it can be delayed by either Donald or Sora if one of them casts Stop magic onto one of the Clock Tower's minute hands. If a character gets hit with Doom, they have until the minute hand goes around the clock once before their heart is stolen by the phantom. After the minute hand goes around once, the minute hand goes around the clock face another time before the next party member is stricken by Doom. Thus, the minute hands can go around the clock faces five times before the battle is lost. Healing items and Cure magic have no effect on Doom, and characters that have their heart stolen by Doom's effects cannot be revived, as their names will no longer appear in the menu. The Doom counter is not affected by Second Chance, and will kill the characters regardless of how many hit points they have when the counter reaches 0. Any character that had their heart stolen will return to normal once the battle is over.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories[edit | edit source]

"Behold! Break the curse with your cards!"
Marluxia's quote as he casts Doom.
Doom RECOM.png

In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Doom appears as one of Marluxia's sleights in his third fight. A counter appears above Sora's head which begins at six, and counts down one numeral every three seconds, lasting for a total of 18 seconds. It can only be dispelled by breaking six of Marluxia's randomly valued cards in a Card Duel. If six cards aren't broken by the time the counter reaches zero, all but one of the cards disappear, and Marluxia launches an attack that will instantly kill Sora. Sora is unable to move around during the duration of Doom.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit | edit source]

"Each attack with his scythe will decrease the count above your head, and it's game over when the count hits 0."
The hint that appears when the game is paused.
Doom KHIIFM.png

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Doom is the first attack used against Sora by Marluxia's Absent Sihlouette, and subsequent Replica Data. A Doom counter appears on the counter above Sora's head displays a number equal to his level at that time. This means it can have a minimum of 1, and maximum of 99. The countdown decreases every time Marluxia hits Sora with his scythe, but is unaffected by Marluxia's magic attacks. Doom is unavoidable and cannot be dispelled. However, by using the Restore Count Reaction Command, Sora can increase the countdown by up to seven, each time it's used. Restore Count also cannot make the countdown surpass whatever level Sora is at the time he enters the fight. For example, if Sora enters the fight at level 73, and Sora uses Restore Count when the counter is at 70, the counter will only increase by 3, since 73 is the maximum. If the counter reaches zero, Sora will lose the battle, regardless of how many hit points he has at the time. Since the Doom counter isn't tied to Sora's hit points, its not affected by Second Chance.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit | edit source]

"The attack has a chance of dooming them, leaving them five seconds to live."
Description of Dark Haze's Doom
Doom KHBBS.png

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Doom is an attack that can be cast by the Unknown. During his fight, the Unknown jumps into the air, and throws the end of his whip at the protagonist. If the protagonist gets hit by the whip, Doom will take effect, causing a timer to appear above Terra's, Ventus's, or Aqua's head. The first time the protagonist is hit with Doom, the countdown timer begins at five and counts down to zero. After each successive cast of Doom, the countdown begins at one number less. To break free of Doom, the player must rapidly press X[1]/Circle[2]/A[3] until the protagonist breaks free. Since the Doom counter isn't tied to the protagonists' hit points, its not affected by Second Chance. While Doom is active, the protagonist cannot move, or access their Command Deck.

Doom is also an effect attached to Dark Haze. Dark Haze has a chance of inflicting Doom, where a five second timer is placed above an enemy's head until death. During this time, enemies are able to move around and attack freely, but they cannot dispel the doom counter. All bosses are immune to Dark Haze's Doom effect. Other players in VS Arena Mode are susceptible to Doom's effects, and will automatically defeat the player.

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind[edit | edit source]

"Deal damage to Marluxia to remove the Doom counter!"
The hint that appears when the game is paused.
Doom KHIIIRM.png

Doom is an attack cast onto Sora by Marluxia's Replica Data. When he uses doom, Marluxia will rise up above the ground with his scythe swinging behind him like a pendulum. While this is happening, Marluxia remains invincible. After a few seconds, a small, unskippable cutscene plays of Marluxia whispering into Sora's ear, a giant nobody emblem with thorns around it flashes behind Sora, and the doom counter appears above Sora's head. The arena will go into its darkened phase, and Marluxia's Hit Point gauge will turn into a armor gauge until Doom is dispelled.

There are two variations of the Doom attack. The first, Marluxia can use it at any point in the fight after 3 bars of HP have been taken off. At this point, the Doom counter will display the number 15, counting down one number every three seconds until it reaches zero. This version of Doom can be avoided. The only way to get out of this version of Doom is to break through Marluxia's armor gauge and use the Dispel Situation Command before the countdown reaches zero.

The second variation of Doom occurs when Marluxia has only one Hit Point remaining. This version displays the counter at 99, and counts down quickly, only lasting for 22 seconds. This variation of Doom is unavoidable, and is a part of Marluxia's final phase. The only way to get out of this version of Doom is to break through Marluxia's armor gauge and kill him before the countdown reaches zero.

During either variation of Doom:

  • No items or magic can dispel Doom.
  • The Doom counter is not affected by Second Chance, and will kill Sora regardless of how many hit points he has when the counter reaches 0.
  • Links are disabled during Doom, and Sora will be forced out of the Link if it is active when Marluxia activates Doom.
  • Doom will kill Sora even if he holds a Kupo Coin.
  • There are no abilities, equipment, or accessories that can affect or prevent the counter from activating.

Characters who can inflict Doom[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

In the Final Fantasy series, Doom is a status ailment that appears in most titles in the series. It places a counter over the target's head, and when it expires, the target dies.

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Notes and References[edit | edit source]

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