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Final Arts

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Final Arts (Final Form) KHII.gif

Final Arts (ファイナルオーバー Fainaru Ātsu?) is an ability found in Kingdom Hearts II. It allows Sora to perform a ground Combo Finisher on several enemies.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit | edit source]

"Unleashes a powerful finishing combo move to get rid of several targets at once."

In Kingdom Hearts II, Final Arts is an action ability tied exclusively to Final Form, and cannot be unequipped. It is a ground Combo Finisher that deals damage to surrounding enemies.

Final Arts makes Sora's Keyblades spin in a spiral outward from his body. Then Sora zips around in that circle, hitting enemies within it, until the Keyblades spiral back to the center where Sora catches them. This causes Sora to become airborne. Final Arts can interrupt the second portion of Final Arcana at any point, and must interrupt third portion of Final Strike before it occurs.

Equipping a Finishing Plus ability allows Sora to add Final Strike to the end of his combo. Then adding multiple Finishing Plus abilities results in Sora alternating between Final Arts and Final Strike until the combo is completed.

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