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Final Strike

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Final Strike (Final Form) KHII.gif

Final Strike (ファイナルオーバー Fainaru Ōbā?, lit. "Final Over") is an ability found in Kingdom Hearts II. It allows Sora to perform an aerial Combo Finisher on an enemy.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit | edit source]

"While spinning in midair, deals a powerful finishing combo move to a single target."

In Kingdom Hearts II, Final Strike is an action ability tied exclusively to Final Form, and cannot be unequipped. It is an aerial Combo Finisher that deals damage to a single enemy.

Final Strike consists of three parts:

  • Sora spins his Keyblades handle-to-handle parallel to him clockwise.
  • Then Sora brings his Keyblades to his sides while he turns counterclockwise as his Keyblades move up and down rapidly while they rotate around him.
  • Then Sora does a couple of backflips while his Keyblades attach to his shoes until he grabs them and spins like a drill downward.

Equipping a Finishing Plus ability allows Sora to interrupt Final Strike after the second part to perform Final Arts. Equipping a second Finishing Plus ability allows Sora to do a complete, additional Final Strike.

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