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Mail Delivery

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Mail Delivery
Twilight Town
Time (Roxas)
20 sec.
Time (Sora)
14 sec.
Prologue (Roxas)
Under 20 sec: 50 munny
Under 60 sec: 30 munny
+60 sec: 10 munny

Mail Delivery is a minigame available in Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts II. In the minigame, Roxas or Sora must deliver five letters to five individuals as fast as possible.

Story[edit | edit source]

On the 2nd Day, Hayner suggests that he and the gang should take on odd jobs to raise up money to go to the beach. Mail Delivery is one of the tasks on the job board in Station Heights.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The objective of the game is to deliver five letters as soon as possible. As Roxas or Sora near an individual (or dove), the "Deliver" Triangle reaction command appears. For Roxas, the sooner he gets the job done, the more munny he receives, with 20 seconds or under netting him 50 munny. The quickest path is to, starting at the garage, deliver each of the first three letters (person, dove, person), then, using the "Grind" Triangle command, deliver the letter to the dove high above the exit to Tram Common, and finally the last individual near the items shop.

There are no immediate rewards for completing the objective in Jiminy's Journal for Sora, but it is necessary to unlock "The Gathering" in Standard Mode in Kingdom Hearts II and "Birth by sleep" in Standard Mode in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

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