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News:Kingdom Hearts Dark Road set to release globally June 22

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road set to release globally June 22
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  • Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will release globally on June 22, 2020
  • This will make Kingdom Hearts Dark Road the first worldwide simultaneous release in series history.

This week, the Kingdom Hearts community was treated to a new trailer featuring several announcements for the series in 2020[1]. That trailer has been released in English, and with the trailer's release, we now know that Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will release on June 22, 2020 globally.

Previously, the game was announced to release only in Japan, with no news on the worldwide release. The release date, which will be the same as the Japanese release date, will make Dark Road the first title in series history to see a simultaneous worldwide release. The game will focus on Xehanort's past, as well as introduce new characters.

Let us know if you plan to play the game on launch next week!


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