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New Wreck-It Ralph world revealed for Kingdom Hearts Union χ

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New Wreck-It Ralph world revealed for Kingdom Hearts Union χ

  • New world based on Disney's Wreck-It Ralph revealed for Kingdom Hearts Union χ
  • The world was teased during the April 2018 Dandelion Meeting

The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ received an update yesterday, and with the new quests added, a world long-awaited has finally arrived! "Game Central Station", per various translations, based on Disney's 2012 computer-animated film Wreck-It Ralph, is coming to the Kingdom Hearts series!

The world is only briefly shown at the end of Quest 875. However, the world has long been speculated to be arriving in the mobile game, first beginning with series director Tetsuya Nomura teasing the world at last year's Kingdom Hearts Union χ: Dandelion Meeting. At the time, Nomura said there would be a new world coming that would not be featured in Kingdom Hearts III, but that a character from that world would be a "summon" (now called link) in Kingdom Hearts III.[1] Since Wreck-It Ralph was first revealed at the Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Invitation event in May 2018, it has been speculated that Ralph's film would be the basis for the upcoming world.

The new quests are only available in the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, but as always, it is expected that we will receive the same quests in the global version of the game soon. What do you think of the new world?


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