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The Karnival Kid

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The Karnival Kid is a minigame available through the Classic Kingdom in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts III. In the game, Sora and Mickey try to quickly fulfill fast food orders at a carnival.

The Karnival Kid is based on Walt Disney’s 1929 animated short "The Karnival Kid".

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The objective is to guide Sora into fulfilling a variety of orders from various customers, including Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pete, and Clarabelle Cow. The orders range from a hot dog, to a hot dog with ketchup, fries, and a drink. Sora must cook the hot dogs correctly and add the correct combination of items to the plate to fulfill the orders. As you progress through the game, the events surrounding Sora, including the time it takes to cook the hot dogs, move faster, requiring increasingly faster response time.

The Karnival Kid was one of the games introduced in Classic Kingdom in Kingdom Hearts Union χ, and was part of the challenge to receive the Starlight Keyblade for Kingdom Hearts III. In order to qualify, one must achieve a cumulative score of 30000 in the mingame.

Origin[edit | edit source]

"The Karnival Kid" is an animated short released on May 23, 1929, the ninth of the Mickey Mouse series of cartoons, and marks the first time Mickey speaks. In the cartoon, Mickey is selling hot dogs at a carnival while Minnie, "the Shimmy Dancer", is nearby performing. After a brief scuffle with Kat Nipp, the barker at the carnival, Mickey gives Minnie a hot dog for free. Later that night, Mickey serenades Minnie outside her window by playing a guitar, with two alley cats noisily singing-along. The sound delights Minnie, but awakens Kat Nipp, who begins throwing things at Mickey.

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