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Journal:Kingdom Hearts III/Classic Kingdom

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Classic Kingdom logo UXC.png

Name Description
Giantland Reach Mickey and escape the giant's chamber.
Mickey, The Mail Pilot Fly the plane and pick up the falling mail.
The Musical Farmer Rotate the pipes to roll the eggs safely into the crates.
Building a Building Guide Mickey and collect all of the picnic baskets.
The Mad Doctor Rescue Mickey from the Mad Doctor's creepy castle.
Mickey Cuts Up Strategically mow the lawn while avoiding obstacles.
Taxi Troubles Use your taxi to pick up passengers and take them to the goal.
The Barnyard Battle Team up with Mickey and stop the advancing baddies.
The Wayward Canary Catch all the canaries flying around the room.
Camping Out Get rid of all the pesky mosquitoes.
The Karnival Kid Whip up the hot dog meals each customer orders.
How to Play Golf Drive and putt you way through a variety of courses.
Mickey's Circus Hop on a unicycle and pass the ball to the seal.
Barnyard Sports Challenge Mickey to three different track and field events.
The Klondike Kid Race through the forest on a sleigh and show Pete who's boss.
Mickey's Kitten Catch Nab the mischievous cats and return them to Mickey's basket.
Fishin' Frenzy Avoid the whoppers and reel in as many fish as you can.
Beach Party Protect Mickey and friends form the giant octopus.
Mickey's Prison Escape Break Mickey out of prison without getting spotted by the guards.
Cast Out to Sea Collect as many of the failing bananas as you can.
How to Play Baseball Challenge Pete's team to America's pastime.
Mickey's Mechanical Man Take control of the mechanical man and K.O. the gorilla.
Mickey Steps Out Leap over the puddles and reach Minnie safely.

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