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A Valiant Retreat

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"A Valiant Retreat" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Goofy: "Somethin' seems to be stuck in this tuba."

Sora: "I'll get it out."

Sora sticks his hand in the tuba.

Sora: "Almost got it... There!"

Sergeant: "Corporal! You alright, son?"

Corporal: "Yes, sir."

Buzz: "That's the soldier Sarge lost contact with."

Sora: "So, you found Hamm?"

Corporal: "Yes. But...while I was radioing in, a giant hand grabbed me, and it stuffed me in there. They must have taken Hamm to another location. We have to hurry! "

Sergeant: "Wait, Corporal. You're not fit for action. "

Corporal: "But Sarge..."

Sergeant: "Your tour is over, son. And it's all right. Our trusted allies will take over. I will move the corporal to a safer location. Good luck, gentlemen."

Woody calls from the record player.

Woody: "Huh...? Hey, hey, hey! What is...going on?!"

Sora: "Oh, right!"

Buzz: "Woody! Mission complete! "

Woody: "Why didn' tell me...a little sooner? "

Buzz: "Sorry, there's no time to rest. Hamm needs us."

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