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"Dino-napped" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Buzz: "He was being controlled? He wasn't just switched into battle mode by accident? "

Sora: "Buzz?"

Buzz: "It's nothing."

Woody: "I'm confused. That guy in the black coat—did he say he made a copy of the real world? What's that mean?"

Sora: "It...prob'ly means they split this world in two—your friends in one world, us in the other. Only one of the worlds is real, and the other is just really convincing."

Buzz: "You can't be serious. Oh! That's right, you're from a video game. Well, maybe in your game, that's how things work...but here in reality, you can't "split worlds." This is ridiculous. Woody, let's go."

Woody: "I admit, it does sound just a little far-fetched. But..say we have been taken to some kind of alternate world. That would explain why your laser's real. And is it really that crazy? Worse than "evil emperors" and "protecting the galaxy"? Any of that ring a bell? "

Buzz: "Point taken. But that just means these strangers are part of the delusion. And I say it's time we parted ways and went home. "

Goofy: "Thought we were friends, not strangers. "

Sora: "Look, I get that it seems weird, but we know something's wrong with this place. We should stick together. "

Woody: "Sora's right. They helped with the intruder, so they might help find our friends. They have been there for us so far. You can't deny that. Come on. Every toy deserves a fair shake. Am I right?"

Buzz: "Tell it to that toy over there. "

Sergeant: "Sheriff, sir! Rex has just been dino-napped!"

Woody: "What's that?!"

Sergeant: "My men saw him get hauled up to the second floor, sir! And Hamm and the Aliens are MIA. "

Woody: "Come on. We have got to find them! "

Sora: "Please! Let us help!"

Donald and Goofy: "Yeah!"

Woody: "Well, Buzz? Do you really think we can save our friends on our own? We didn't get very far before. We gotta take all the help we can get."

Goofy: "Don't worry. Sora can be reckless, and Donald grumbles a lot. But you can trust 'em!"

Donald: "Hey! He suspects you, too!"

Sora: "It's true."

Goofy: "Huh? He does?"

Woody: "See, they don't seem bad. Am I right, Buzz? "

Buzz: "Okay, fine. We do need the extra help. But just so we're clear: I remain skeptical about this. I'll work with you till we find out friends. "

Sora: "Ohhh...kay."

Woody: "Thanks for the help, Sora, Donald, Goofy."

Sergeant: "My troops will return to the field, sir!"

Woody, Buzz, Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk towards the middle of the store.

Buzz: "This ascent is gonna be rather tricky. "

Woody: "Too bad we're not strapped to a rocket, huh?"

Sora: "Hey! Think we could use that?"

Sora points at the ball rails in throughout the store.

Woody: "It's perfect. C'mon, guys!"

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