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Not Buzz, Too!

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"Not Buzz, Too!" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Rex: "Look! Look! I found it! See, Sora!"

Rex holds a copy of the video game Verum Rex up for Sora to see.

Sora: "Well, I never looked this good. The clothes kinda match."

Woody and Buzz continue to walk through the video game store. Woody notices the large sign for Verum Rex as they walk by.

Woody: "Whaddaya know! They are video game figures. See? I told ya, Buzz. They're toys, just like the rest of us."

Buzz: "Well, I suppose."

Sora turns to Donald privately.

Sora: "Donald, I thought your magic decided how I look. Explain."

Donald: "Simple. That's not you."

Goofy: "Say, Riku would make a great action figure!"

Donald: "Must be him!"

Sora: "No! It's me. I've got the black clothes and, uh..."

Donald: "So what?"

Buzz: "All right, everyone. Now that we're back together, it's time to return to Andy's room."

Rex: "Now? But can't I at least check the strategy guides? I want to know how to beat Bahamut!"

Buzz: "Next time. Right now, we need to go home."

Sora, Donald, Goofy, Buzz, Woody, and Rex turn and begin to leave the store. A cloaked figure descends behind them.

Young Xehanort: "Oh, but you needn't rush off."

Sora: "Xehanort!"

Sora turns around and rushes towards Young Xehanort.

Young Xehanort: "I have more to observe. I can't let you leave yet."

Sora: "It's us that you really want. Leave the others out of this."

Young Xehanort: "You would say that, champion of light. Very well, let's skip to the final stage."

A marionette Heartless takes control of Buzz. Noticing Buzz's movements, Rex turns to him.

Rex: "Buzz? What's the matter?"

Buzz aims his laser at Woody and prepares to shoot at him. Woody notices and turns to him.

Woody: "C'mon Buzz. Quit fooling around."

Goofy: "Look out!"

Buzz fires his laser at Woody. Goofy dives in with his shield to protect Woody.

Woody: "I can't believe it! Buzz has been taken over?"

Buzz fires again at Woody and Goofy.

Sora: "What did you do to him?!"

Sora runs and attacks Young Xehanort, but he teleports away.

Young Xehanort: "I thought I made it clear. I am testing the strength of their bonds. In this world, toys have hearts. And those hearts come from a powerful bond. So what happens when those bonds are stretched to their limit? When they are worlds apart, can cloth and plastic hold on to their hearts? All I needed was a wedge to widen the divide—someone like you to fill them with distrust and doubt. And that chasm you created can be filled with a vast darkness. Witness it for yourself."

Young Xehanort disappears. Donald and Rex try to hold Buzz back as he continues to fire at Woody and Goofy.

Donald: "Sora!"

Rex: "Do somethiiing!"

Sora: "On my way!"

Sora begins to run towards Donald and Rex, but is lifted by Young Xehanort.

Young Xehanort: "Not this time!"

Young Xehanort blasts Sora into a nearby television screen.

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