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Flynn's Hasty Retreat

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"Flynn's Hasty Retreat" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Goofy: "It sure is a pretty day."

Sora: "Yeah, the weather is great. I'd be perfect for a picnic."

Donald Duck: "Why do you think we came here?"

Sora: "Got me, Donald"

Goofy: "We'll figure it out as we go."

Donald Duck: "Okay."

Sora: "I'm sure we were brought to this world for some good reason, but can't we sweat it later?"

Donald Duck: "Fine with me, as long as there's no Heartless."

They hear someone yell and turn around to see someone running from the Heartless.

???: "Make way! Make way! Make way!"

Sora: "Heartless!"

The running person hides behind a rock.

Sora: "You see? Soon as you mention 'em, they show up!"

Goofy: "There goes our picnic."

Donald Duck: "I didn't do it!"

Sora: "S'okay. Let's send these guys packing."

Flynn Rider: "Say, since you three seem to know what you're doing, mind if I leave this one to you?"

Sora: "Yup. We'll take care of them. Go on, skedaddle!"

Flynn Rider: "You have my thanks! (to self) The horse was enough. Don't need any monsters on my trail."

Donald Duck: "The what was enough?"

Flynn Rider: "Oh, nothing, nothing. Name's Flynn. Flynn Rider. Ohh! Watch out, they look mad!"

Donald turns to face the Heartless.

Flynn Rider (whispers): "Slowly... Slowly... Outta here!"

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