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The New Seven Hearts

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"The New Seven Hearts" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Rapunzel notices a boat sailing away from the shore.

Rapunzel: "Eugene?"

Rapunzel identifies Flynn on the boat.

Rapunzel: "Eugene!"

Marluxia: "Oh dear... He's run off with the crown and forgotten you."

Rapunzel: "No. He wouldn't. Who are you?"

Marluxia: "Forget Flynn Rider. You know where you belong, and it's not with him. Now..."

Marluxia summons two Reapers. Rapunzel flees, but then hears a voice behind her.

Mother Gothel: "Rapunzel!"

Rapunzel: "Mother?"

Rapunzel walks back towards the shore, and finds Mother Gothel has defeated the Reapers.

Mother Gothel: "My precious girl."

Rapunzel: "Mother..."

Mother Gothel: "Are you all right? Are you hurt?"

Rapunzel: "M-Mother, how did you—"

Mother Gothel: "I was so worried about you, dear. So I followed you. And I saw them attack you, and—Oh my. Let's go. Let's go, before they come to."

Mother Gothel begins to flee, but Rapunzel looks back towards Flynn on the boat. She turns around and runs into Mother Gothel's open arms, crying.


Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk down the shore.

Sora: "Hey, isn't that Rapunzel?"

Sora begins to call out.

Sora: "Wait! Rapunz—"

Marluxia appears before them.

Marluxia: "Show some decorum."

Donald Duck: "You again!"

Sora: "Marluxia!"

Marluxia: "The girl has found her dear mother. You should let them be."

Sora: "And why is that?"

Marluxia: "Because Rapunzel is far too important. Atop her tower, she must remain out of sight, and live out her days with Mother Gothel."

Goofy: "And never see anyone else?"

Sora: "But that's like...locking her in some prison!"

Marluxia: "That is exactly what it's like. Rapunzel's hair holds the powerful magic of healing. And yes, Mother Gothel wants it for herself. As do others. And if Mother Gothel's actions will protect Rapunzel, preserve her...then she is doing the Organization a favor."

Sora: "What favor?"

Marluxia: "Let's say she's keeping Rapunzel on the shelf for us. An extra pawn in case you fail to find the remaining guardians of light, and we have occasion to call on other hearts of light instead. A New Seven Hearts to fill out the ranks."

Sora: ""New Seven Hearts"?"

Marluxia: "Yes. Seven who inherited the princesses' light after their role was fulfilled."

Sora: "So you don't care about her. You guys just want Rapunzel for your own purposes! Well, you're done here!"

Marluxia: "Hmph. I just knew you would go and make a scene. Very well, then it's light out for you."

Marluxia casts a spell on Sora.

Donald Duck and Goofy: "Sora!"

Sora begins to collapse.

Marluxia: "You always were such a sound sleeper."

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