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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter VIII: The Caribbean/Cut from the Same Cloth

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Cut from the Same Cloth is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Jack Sparrow: "Shall we?"

Sora: "Shall we what?"

Jack Sparrow: "Some pirate! Won't get anywhere without a ship. So, let's go get one."

Sora: "Yes!"

Goofy: "(to Donald) Sora and Jack sure are cut from the same cloth."

Donald Duck: "They even talk alike!"

Sora suddenly stops, looking lost in thought.

Tia Dalma: "(whispering) Use that key to free me, Sora, and you have my most certain promise— all the power of the sea you ever wish for be yours."

(Transcriber's note: Tia Dalma does not physically appear in the scene. This is what she whispered to Sora during the Air Raid cutscene, although it wasn't audible to the player at that time.)

Sora: "Free her how?"

Donald Duck: "Sora?"

Goofy: "What's wrong?"

Sora turns to Donald and Goofy.

Sora: "Oh, nothing, really. I'm good."

Sora turns back as the scene transitions to gameplay.

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