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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter VIII: The Caribbean/Parley with Luxord

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Parley with Luxord is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Jack, Sora, Donald and Goofy's ship is suddenly surrounded by a thick fog. They look around nervously until Donald spots a large ship immediately beside them.

Sora: "That ship..."

Donald Duck: "It's the Heartless."

Goofy: "But look. This time there's somebody aboard."

Sora: "Isn't that..."

Jack Sparrow: "Not the merry company I'd hoped for."

The figure reaches up and pulls back their hood, revealing Luxord.

Luxord: "Parley!"

Sora: "A black coat."

Jack Sparrow: "Of course..."

The scene cuts to Jack, Sora, Donald, and Goofy facing Luxord on the deck of their ship.

Sora: "You back in the Organization?"

Luxord: "Yes. Surprising, isn't it, that they'd do me the honor? Never count your cards until they've all been dealt."

Sora: "Jack, don't you give this creep the time of day."

Donald Duck: "Yeah!"

Luxord: "Come now, are you really so unsophisticated that you'd decline a gentlemanly conversation?"

Sora: "What'd you say?"

Jack Sparrow: "Sora. Stand down. It's the Code. Mustn't strike a pirate aboard ship... when said pirate offers to confabulate."

Luxord: "Ah yes. And how could I love games and contests without honoring the rules? Because only by winning fairly does victory have any savor at all."

Jack Sparrow: "But...of course the Code is actually more guidelines than rules. Speak your piece."

Luxord: "I am looking...for a box. A chest, perhaps. You know the one?"

Jack Sparrow: "Yes. M-maybe. No! I know of a box. But said box is not a box you want to trifle with, mate. Trust me."

Luxord: "Really? A wager, then."

Jack Sparrow: "And of what nature would this wager be?"

Luxord: "What say we have a little race to that charming port town which you hold so dear?"

Jack Sparrow: "Port Royal?"

Luxord: "Yes. Whoever reaches it first is the victor. And the stakes: you tell me all about that chest."

Jack Sparrow: "Against what?"

Luxord: "I will get you whatever it is you want."

Jack Sparrow: "Done!"

Sora: "Jack!"

Luxord: "Then we have an accord."

Luxord transports back to his ship.

Luxord: "Now, let us begin!"

Jack Sparrow: "All hands! Prepare to make sail!"

Sora: "But Jack!"

Jack Sparrow: "Drop canvas!"

Sora: "Hey... Jack!"

Jack Sparrow: "With a will, lads!"

Sora: "Jack, listen!"

Jack Sparrow: "What?!"

Sora: "You can't let him get his hands on that box. Do you really know whatever it is that he's looking for?"

Jack Sparrow: "Let's just say...there's a potential possibility he wants the chest containing Davy Jones' heart. But I haven't the foggiest notion why he'd covet the blighted thing."

Goofy: "Is it a black box?"

Jack Sparrow: "It is more black than blue... So, yes!"

Sora: "(to Donald and Goofy) Hmm... Do you think it's the one?"

Donald Duck: "Could be."

Goofy: "And winnin' the race would keep it out of Organization XIII's hands."

Sora: "Hey... You're right!"

Jack Sparrow: "What are you three muttering on about?"

Sora: "Basically, we need to win this race."

Jack Sparrow: "Precisely. No purchase, no pay. You might have the makings of a pirate after all."

Sora: "Yeah!"

Sora runs to take the helm, and the scene transitions to gameplay.

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