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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter VIII: The Caribbean/That's Desertion!

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That's Desertion! is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III. It plays immediately following the battle with the Raging Vulture.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Sora comes flying into frame, Keyblade raised, ready to strike.

Sora: "Taaake... THIS!"

Sora swings, hitting the Raging Vulture directly in the skull. It briefly glows a bright shade of purple before releasing its heart and disappearing.

Sora: "All right!"

Sora looks down and makes a sound. The Vaporflies sputter and disappear, leaving no smoke trails for Sora to ride back down.

Sora: "Wha— Wait! Oh noooooo!"

Sora plummets downwards and hits the water. The screen goes black.

Donald Duck: "Sora?"

Goofy: "Sora?"

The scene fades back in with Donald and Goofy looking down at Sora worriedly. They react with excitement and relief when they see him wake up.

Donald and Goofy: "Sora!"

The camera turns to show Sora lying on a beach.

Soar: "Donald? Goofy? Where are the others?"

Goofy: "After you fell, we came looking for ya. I guess they musta kept goin'."

Donald Duck: "That's desertion."

Sora: "Oh... And I was so happy that we got to see them again."

Jack Sparrow: "That eager to sail under Captain Jack Sparrow?"

Jack walks out behind them.

Sora, Donald and Goofy: "Jack!"

The scene ends with a closeup of Jack's boot, where a crab falls out of his trousers before scurrying away.

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