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Transcript:Kingdom Hearts III/Chapter VIII: The Caribbean/Victory In Sight

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Victory In Sight is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The protagonists' ship is sailing smoothly towards Port Royal, apparently about to win the race against Luxord.

Jack Sparrow: "Lookouts, report!"

Goofy: "Starboard side, all clear!"

Donald Duck: "Port, too!"

Sora: "We got this one in the bag."

Suddenly, several ships appear in front of them, with Luxord's ship leading the way.

Luxord: "The game isn't over until it's over."

The new ships turn, pointing their cannons at the heroes' ship.

Luxord: "Fire!"

The ships fire, coming very close to hitting their target.

Jack Sparrow: "They're closing in! Come about! Make ready to return fire!"

Sora: "Aye, aye!"

Sora throws the wheel, turning the ship to port as the scene transitions to gameplay.