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Terra's Whereabouts

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"Terra's Whereabouts" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

King Mickey: "So, this is the place."

Riku: "Where Aqua fell into the realm of darkness after she dove in to save Terra."

King Mickey: "Yeah, she said he was acting strange."

Riku: "Strange how, exactly?"

King Mickey: "She sensed darkness in him, and they ended up getting into a big fight."

Riku: "Right. And in the aftermath, the two of them disappeared. Around the same time, the guards found a stranger with white hair lying unconscious here in the square—a man calling himself "Xehanort.""

King Mickey: "Ansem the Wise took the stranger in, but that was a mistake. Xehanort betrayed his master, stole his research, and along with his fellow apprentices, separated his heart from his body. Xehanort's heart took his master's name, Ansem, and traveled to the past to give his younger self instructions. He even briefly had control of you. His empty body stayed in the present, took the name Xemnas, and founded Organization XIII. Their goal was to prepare thirteen vessels for Xehanort's heart."

Riku: "Until we put an end to the Organization. But all the while Young Xehanort had been visiting the future to choose thirteen vessels of his own—hearts with strong enough ties to him to begin a new Organization, the real Organization XIII. And now they're looking for a fight with us. But what happened to Terra? I thought you said that Aqua saved him."

King Mickey: "Yep, she did. The problem is we didn't notice. You remember the end of the Mark of Mastery exam, when Master Xehanort made his grand return? That's the Xehanort I remember. He was already a pretty old man then. But how do you explain Ansem and Xemnas, his Heartless and his Nobody? Isn't it strange how young they look? Why aren't they old men? It's because Xehanort was using a different body when the split happened. That face from the portrait I mentioned—it wasn't just some stranger that Ansem the Wise took under his wing. It was the young man whose body Master Xehanort possessed."

Riku: "No way! That was Terra? Master Xehanort was using Terra?"

King Mickey: "Yep. Master Xehanort told us "another on our list" belonged to him. He was talking about Terra. Turns out, Aqua saved more than just her friend that day."

Riku: "Okay. But Master Xehanort's an old man again. Where did Terra's body go?"

King Mickey: "Hmm... It's 'cause Master Xehanort's collecting vessels! He claimed he had two of our seven lights. We got Sora back, but Terra must still be on Xehanort's side."

Riku: "He's with Organization XIII? We should warn Sora."

King Mickey: "Yep! And Merlin, too."

Riku: "Yeah."

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