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Sora and Yozora

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"Sora and Yozora" is the opening cutscene in the Secret Episode in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.

Story[edit | edit source]

Sora: "This place..."

Sora sits up.

Sora: "At least...I'm all here."

Sora stands up.

Sora (cupping his hands): "Heey! Is anyone out there? Hellooo!"

???: "Hey."

Sora thinks he hears something, but leans closer.

???: "Hey."

Sora: "Who's that?"

???: "Where are you?"

Sora: "Over here!"

???: "I see you."

Sora runs towards the voice, but is surprised.

Sora: "Hey, aren't you—"

???: "You know me?"

Sora: "Yeah, you're Yozora, right?"

Yozora: "How do you know that? Who are you?"

Sora: "I'm Sora. And actually...there's something I have to ask you—"

Yozora: "Sora? You're Sora?"

Sora: "Huh? You know who I am?"

Yozora: "Sure, I've heard of you."

Sora: "If you're here, then this can't be the real world, can it? But wait, that girl, she told me about you. Maybe you are real after all."

Yozora: "Are you done? No, this isn't the real world, and I am here. But this isn't what I really look like. How'd you recognize me as Yozora?"

Sora (shocked): "Huh?"

Yozora: "Why are you using Sora's name?"

Sora: "Because...I am Sora."

Yozora: "If you are who you say, and it was fate that brought us here, path is clear."

Yozora summons a weapon.

Sora: "What?"

Yozora points his crossbow at Sora as the environment around them changes, first to Sora's Dive to the Heart platform, then to a rooftop in a city.

Sora: "Hey! Wait!"

Yozora: "I accidentally wandered into this place, and went through some trials. Then, I was told to "save Sora.""

Sora: "Huh?! Then what's with the weapon?"

Yozora summons a sword.

Yozora: "Time to end this."

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]

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