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Zantetsu Counter

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Sora using Zantetsu Counter in Limit Form.

Zantetsu Counter (ザンテツカウンター Zantetsu Kauntā?) is an ability found in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit | edit source]

"Unleashes Zantetsuken by selecting Attack while guarding."

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Zantetsu Counter is an action ability tied exclusively to Limit Form, and cannot be unequipped. It allows Sora to counterattack with Zantetsuken, while also keeping up his own guard, and often stagger the enemy. Because Zantetsuken is a Combo Finisher, Zatetsu Counter will skip any parts of a combo that aren't finishers, unlike Counterguard, which allows Sora to start his combo from the beginning succeeding the ability. This allows Finishing Plus abilities to chain together alternating Zantetsuken finishers with Ripple Drive finishers. Zantetsu Counter will also ignore how many enemies surround Sora, thus overwriting Ripple Drive.

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