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IGN features Kingdom Hearts III at Gamescom

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IGN features Kingdom Hearts III at Gamescom
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  • Kingdom Hearts III will not be a problem for those who have never played the series before.
  • World bosses and world length will not be shared before the game's launch

The excitement surrounding Kingdom Hearts III is picking up at Gamescom 2018 this week. Today, IGN reporter Daemon Hatfield interviewed Kingdom Hearts Community Manager Sunil Godhania about the upcoming installment in the series.

While most of the what was discussed was already known about from various other reports and interviews over the summer, there were some interesting tidbits in the interview. For one, Godhania seems to have intentionally avoided confirming whether or not Toy Box, which was featured during the interview, was to appear early on in the game. This would seem to contradict a previous information from D23 Expo Japan this last February, where Toy Box was said to be in the first group of worlds in the game, but it remains unclear if the dodge was intentional.

Additionally, Godhania noted that the game would not be an issue for those who haven't played a Kingdom Hearts game before. This is especially important for those who will be playing Kingdom Hearts III on the Xbox One, as the highly-anticipated title will mark the first time the series goes to Xbox.

As far as game mechanics go, Godhania stated that nearly every Keyblade in the game would have at least two Keyblade transformations. We have so far seen two transformations for each Keyblade shown off except for Ever After and Kingdom Key. Hatfield also asked about Rocket Ruckus, which is an attack with Sora, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Box. To that, Godhania revealed that it is a command available to activate when Sora and Buzz attack at the same time. Finally, you can expect to find the same AI customization options for Donald, Goofy, and your other party members.

Lastly, Godhania revealed that there would be a Hidden Mickey mini-game that would span the entire game, with prizes available for finding the Hidden Mickey symbols in the various worlds. Disney is notorious for hiding them in their works, and they've been hidden throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. In fact, there's one in almost every Command Menu design in Kingdom Hearts II. Now, you'll be able to get prizes within the game for finding them.

With the game now just over five months away, the excitement just keeps building up! What are you most excited for from today's interview?


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