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Japanese Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind Website Updates with New Screenshots

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Japanese Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind Website Updates with New Screenshots
Double Form Preview 3 KHIIIRM.png
  • New screenshots uploaded to Japanese Kingdom Hearts site.
  • Screenshots show off Double Form, Slide Show Mode, Data Greeting, and the Premium Menu.

The Japanese website for Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind was updated with new screenshots featuring some of the new content for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC and Version 1.07 of Kingdom Hearts III.

The first screenshot shows off Sora's new Double Form. Here Sora is dual wielding Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, which were announced late last year. However, this is the first time we've seen Sora dual-wield Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts III.

The second image we see Sora using Oathkeeper charging his Situation Commands with a Finish Command available. Meanwhile, Young Xehanort takes a beating.

The next image shows "Data Greeting". On the side are different locations, including the Destiny Islands sections at different times of day. On the bottom features Riku, King Mickey, Kairi, two different renders of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Naminé.

Slide Show Mode reveals different customized photos, including Sora on Destiny Islands surrounded by Dream Eaters, Sora in Twilight Town surrounded by The Flantastic Seven, and Kairi with Riku and Ventus next to giant pancakes. Other photos include Terra in the Land of Depature, Lea and Kairi in Kingdom of Corona, Aqua in Dark World, and various people in Radiant Garden.

The final screenshot shows off the Premium Menu. One the left side is the Black Code, which appears to hold different restrictions for the right box, which holds different bosses each with different scores, (in order: Lump of Horror 10000 P, Grim Guardianess 10000 P, Chaos Carriage 5000 P, King of Toys 10000 P) and a ranking. The black code has been translated by @Keytotruth on twitter:

The images have been uploaded below. What do you think of the new images? What are you most excited for with these new updates? The wait for both version 1.07 and Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind are almost over!


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