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Disney Castle

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This article is about the cutscene

You may be looking for the world or the town surrounding the castle.

"Disney Castle" is a scene in Kingdom Hearts.

Story[edit | edit source]

Donald Duck, the Royal Court Magician at Disney Castle, makes his way to King Mickey's throne to greet him one morning, when he finds the King's throne empty. He finds a letter with the King's seal in Pluto's mouth, instead. Upon reading the letter, he runs out of the Audience Chamber, yelling.

Donald then makes his way to find Goofy, the Captain of the Royal Knights at Disney Castle, and finds him sleeping in the Courtyard. He tries to wake him unsuccessfully, after which Donald summons thunder magic to shock Goofy awake. Donald then tells Goofy that there is a problem, but tries to make him keep it a secret. When Goofy mentions both Queen Minnie Mouse and her lady-in-waiting Daisy Duck, Donald angrily replies that they can't know, not realizing Goofy was actually addressing the two, who were both standing behind Donald the entire time. When Donald realizes his mistake, he turns around and chuckles nervously.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Donald makes his way to the Audience Chamber

Donald Duck: "Good morning, Your Majesty. It's nice to see you this morn-- What!"

Donald finds a letter from King Mickey, and runs out yelling.


Donald Duck: "Wake up, Goofy, wake up! This is serious!!"

Goofy doesn't respond. Donald shocks him with Thunder.

Goofy: "Hey there, Donald. G'morning."

Donald Duck: "We've got a problem, Goofy! But don't tell anyone..."

Goofy: "Queen Minnie?"

Donald Duck: "Not even the queen."

Goofy: "Daisy?"

Donald shakes his head angrily

Donald Duck: "No, it's top secret!"

Goofy: "G'morning, ladies."

Donald Duck: "What?"

Donald turns around to find that both Queen Minnie and Daisy are standing behind him, and chuckles nervously

Video[edit | edit source]

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