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The Chosen One

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"The Chosen One" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Location: Alleyway, Traverse Town.

Goofy: "Gawrsh, there's nobody here. Sure is spooky!"

Donald: "Aw, phooey. I'm not scared."

Aerith appears behind the two and taps Donald's shoulders. Donald yells and jumps onto Goofy's back in fear.

Aerith: "Excuse me. Did the king send you?"

Donald and Goofy turn around to face Aerith.


Location: Green Room, Traverse Town.

???: "Come on, lazy bum. Wake up."

Sora opens his eyes and sees Kairi in front of him.

Kairi: "You okay?"

Sora: "I guess..."

Kairi: "Those creatures that attacked you are after the Keyblade. But it's your heart they really want, because you wield the Keyblade."

Sora: "I'm so glad that you're okay, Kairi."

???: "Kairi? Who are you talking about? I'm the great ninja Yuffie."

Sora: "Huh?"

Sora suddenly realizes Kairi is not in front of him, and instead sees Yuffie.

Yuffie: "I think you might've overdone it, Squall."

Leon: "That's Leon."

Sora: "The Keyblade..."

Yuffie: "Yeah, we had to get it away from you to shake off those creatures. It turns out that's how they were tracking you."

Leon: "It was the only way to conceal your heart from them. But it won't work for long. Still hard to believe that you of all people are the chosen one."

Leon picks up the Keyblade and swings it in the air. It disappears and returns to Sora's hand.

Leon: "Well, I suppose beggars can't be choosers."

Sora: "Why don't you start making sense! What's going on here?"

Location: Red Room, Traverse Town.

Aerith, Donald, and Goofy meet in the room next door. Their conversation and Sora, Leon, and Yuffie's conversation occurs at the same time.

Aerith: "Okay, you know there are many other worlds out there besides your castle and this town, right?"

Donald: "Yeah."

Goofy: "But they're supposed to be a secret."

Aerith: "They've been secret because they've never been connected. Until now. When the Heartless came, everything changed."

Sora: "The Heartless?"

Yuffie: "The ones who attacked you, you remember?"

Leon: "Those without hearts."

Yuffie: "The darkness in people's hearts—that's what attracts them."

Leon: "And there is darkness within every heart."

Yuffie: "Hey, have you heard of someone named Ansem?"

Goofy: "Ansem?"

Aerith: "He was studying the Heartless. He recorded all of his findings in a very detailed report."

Goofy: "Gawrsh, uh, can we see it?"

Aerith (shaking her head): "Its pages are scattered everywhere."

Donald: "Scattered?"

Aerith: "To many worlds."

Goofy: "Oh, then maybe the king went to find 'em."

Aerith: "Yes, those were my thoughts exactly."

Goofy: "We've gotta find him quick!"

Donald: "Wait!"

Donald pulls the screen down to him.

Donald: "First, we need that "key"!"

Aerith: "That's right. The Keyblade."

Sora: "So...this is the key?"

Yuffie (nodding): "Exactly!"

Leon: "The Heartless have great fear of the Keyblade. That's why they'll keep coming after you no matter what."

Sora: "Well, I didn't ask for this."

Yuffie: "The Keyblade chooses its master. And it chose you."

Leon: "So tough luck."

Sora: "How did all this happen? I remember being in my room..."

Sora: "Wait a minute! What happened to my home? My island? Riku! Kairi!"

Leon: "You know what? I really don't know."

Video[edit | edit source]

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