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It Wasn't Always This Lonely

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"It Wasn't Always This Lonely" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Hamm: "Are they new?"

Rex: "Wait! Ah— Ah— you look familiar! I know this. You're, uh, you're, uhhh..."

Hamm: "Yozora!"

Sora: "Huh? My name's Sora."

Buzz: "Stay back! For all we know, the intruders sent them."

Rex: "Yozora!"

Woody: "Slow down there, Rex. We don't know them."

Rex: "But we can trust them. They're the number-one-selling heroes in the country!"

Hamm: "Yeah, Andy's mom must've bought 'em for him."

Rex: "Hamm's right. Did you see how easily they took care of the intruders? I bet they're here to figure out why all our friends have gone missing, and why Buzz's laser started actually laser-ing, and all the weird stuff that's been going on. I mean, that's what heroes do, right?"

Buzz: "Let's not jump to conclusions."

Woody: "Hmm..."

Buzz: "Gotta be smart, Woody."

Woody: "So, you're...Andy's new toys?"

Sora, Goofy and Donald: "Toys?"

Woody: "You sure did a number on those intruders."

Goofy: "Those are the Heartless."

Donald: "The bad guys!"

Sora: "We've been fighting against those "intruders" for a while."

Rex: "I knew it!"

Woody: "Hmm... Okay. In that case, you're alright by me. My name's Woody. Put 'er there."

Sora: "Hey."

Buzz: "Now hold on."

Sora: "I'm Sora—"

Rex: "Yozora!"

Sora: "Actually, my name's "Sora"..."

Donald: "and I'm Donald."

Goofy: "I'm Goofy."

Buzz: "And I'm... Buzz Lightyear."

Hamm: "Call me Hamm. It's a real honor."

Rex: "And I'm Rex! I'm your biggest fan! In fact, I've been playing your game for months now. And I've already gotten you all the way up to LV 47. But that Bahamut boss is really tough. Slinky and I can't figure out how to beat him. Oh, I wish Slinky and the others were here. They'd be so happy to meet you!"

Sergeant: "All troops at attention, sir!"

Aliens: "Wheeee!"

Alien 1: "Strangers."

Alien 2: "From the outside."

Alien 3: "Welcome."

Sora (to himself): "They're all toys? So that's why we look the way we do."

Buzz: "Excuse me. You said that you've battled those intruders before. Tell us where and why."

Sora: "Oh... Well, uh...we are—"

Donald: "Order!"

Buzz: "Well? You must have come from somewhere."

Woody: "Take it easy, Buzz. What matters is that they got those intruders out of our way— for at least a little while. No need to interrogate 'em."

Rex: "Yeah, Buzz."

Hamm: "Woody's right."

Buzz: "Noted. But still..."

Sora: "Hey... Have those "intruders"—the Heartless—been a problem around here?"

Woody: "No, they just showed up a little while ago."

Buzz: "In fast, those "Heartless" materialized... right after all of our friends up and vanished."

Donald: "You don't think..."

Goofy: "Well, gee. It can't just be a coincidence."

Woody: "It wasn't always this lonely. One day we woke up, and we were the only toys left here. Nobody's heard from Mom, Molly, or Andy... "

Woody sits on a block and pulls his leg up, seeing the name "Andy" written underneath his shoe.

Woody: "We keep waiting for Andy to come home."

Sora: "You really care about him."

Woody: "Yeah... He's the best friend that toys like us could ever hope to have."

Sora: "All right. We'd better start looking! Have you got any clues we can go on—any other strange things that happened?"

Woody: "Well... Hmm. There's one thing."

Hamm: "One big thing."

Sergeant: "Huge, sir."

Rex: "What thing?"

Buzz: "After everyone went MIA, the intruders didn't come alone. They arrived with a guy hearing a hood, dressed in black, just like you. As a matter of fact, he's the only other toy we've seen, outside you three."

Sora: "A black hood? But that would mean..."

Donald and Goofy: "The Organization!"

Woody: "You know who it is?"

Sora: "Yeah. They're bad news."

Buzz: "Seems like you have a lot of enemies."

Sora: "We may have a hunch what's causing all the weirdness. Would you mind if we handle this?"

Woody: "I'm sorry. But we're not going to leave this to you."

Sora: "Huh?"

Woody: "If that guy had something to do with our friends vanishing, then he's our problem too. We've got to work together."

Sora: "Right! So then, where can we find that guy?"

Woody: "Sarge, any word from the recon team?"

Sergeant: "The latest reports place him in town, sir. At Galaxy Toys!"

Woody: "Then Galaxy Toys is where we're going. Sora. Follow me. It's out the window and down the roof."

Buzz: "Not so fast, cowboy. You seem pretty gung ho about going, but shouldn't we stay and wait for Andy?"

Woody: "Well... You've got a point, but...we've tried waiting. Look, if we go with Sora, we might find a clue. Are you with me, Buzz?"

Buzz: "Of course. Okay, let's move out!"

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