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Mother Gothel

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This article is about the cutscene

You may be looking for the character.

"Mother Gothel" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Sora: "I wonder where they went."

Goofy: "Don't worry. They couldn't have gotten too far."

Donald Duck: "You just had to stop and talk."

Sora: "Hey! Blame the has-been, not me."

Goofy: "I think you mean Marluxia. I bet that's the name the has-been would prefer."

Sora: "Hellooo? Rapunzel? Flynn?"

Mother Gothel: "Excuse me, good travelers. Do you know Rapunzel?"

Sora: "Uh, yeah... Sort of."

Donald Duck: "Why?"

Mother Gothel: "My apologies. I'm Rapunzel's mother. The poor child left home without a word, and I've just been worried sick. Please tell me: where is my dear, sweet girl."

Goofy: "We'd tell ya, but we lost her."

Donald Duck: "By accident."

Sora: "We could look together."

Mother Gothel: "Lost her? You're of no use to me."

Mother Gothel walks away.

Mother Gothel (to herself): "I'll find her myself."

Donald Duck: "She ran away from home?"

Sora: "What if Marluxia was onto something back there?"

Donald Duck: "You trust Organization XIII?"

Sora: "What? No! Of course not. But...what if?"

Goofy: "I agree. Why is Rapunzel in danger, and what darkness is after her?"

Sora: "Well, guys, the first step is to find her."

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