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Doesn't Sound Very Caring

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"Doesn't Sound Very Caring" is the opening cutscene for Monstropolis in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Sora: "Wha...? D-Donald... Goofy... Why do you guys look like monsters?"

Donald Duck: "You do too!"

Goofy: "Well, ya both scared me."

Sora: "Seriously? Is this how we blend in here?"

Donald Duck: "That's right. It's about time you caught on."

Sora: "Could you guys take a few steps back? You're givin' me the heebie-jeebies."

Donald Duck (yelling): "You take a step back!"

Goofy: "Come on, I think our new look could turn out to be lots of fun!"

Sora: "Wonder what kind of weirdos live here..."

Goofy (to Donald): "Who'd a thunk he'd get so creeped out?"

Sora: "It says, "We Scare Because We Care"?"

Donald Duck: "That's odd."

Goofy: "Doesn't sound very caring."

Sora: "If they look like us, then they could be trouble. I think we'd better investigate."

"Monstropolis Now" begins to play.


Location: Lobby & Offices  (Monsters, Inc.), Monstropolis.

Goofy: "Oh no!"

A little girl points at Sora, Donald, and Goofy. The giant monster turns around.

???: "Hmm? I wonder who those guys are."

A smaller monster runs up to Sulley.

???: "What?! Careful, Sulley. If they see the K-I-D..."

???: "It's fine. We got nothing to hide."

???: "But you're the CEO! You set the example."

The smaller monster runs up to Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

???: "Guys! Guys, it's not what it looks like. Okay, listen. That kid over there just popped out of nowhere! We gotta call the CDA. Uh... It's a...uh... Oh yeah, a Code 835!"

Sora: "Are you trying to scare that little girl?"

???: "Yes! I mean, no no no! We're done with scare power. Nobody's gettin' scared."

???: "Mike, take it easy."

Goofy: "You should too, Sora. Ya see? She's happy!"

Sora walks over to the little girl.

Sora: "Hello. My name is Sora."

"Laughter and Merriment" begins to play.

???: "Boo."

Sora: "Oh, is that your name? Nice to meet you, Boo."

Mike: "Hold on! You guys really aren't afraid of humans?"

Boo points at Donald

Boo: "Mike Wazowski."

Mike: "Come on, Boo! I’m Mike Wazowski."

Boo (pointing at Donald): "Mike Wazowski."

Sulley (laughing): "Well, you can see the resemblance. That googly bear eye."

Donald Duck: "What's going on? I'm Donald Duck!"

Boo: "Mike Wasowski!"

Boo begins to chase after Donald.

Goofy: "A-hyuck! I'm Goofy."

Sulley: "Well, my name's Sulley. And this is--"

Sora: "Oh, we know. Mike Wazowski, right?"

Boo laughs, then suddenly stops and runs behind Sulley.

Sulley: "What's the matter, Boo?"

Donald and Goofy: "Heartless!"

"Monster Smash!" begins to play.

Sora: "No... That's not the Heartless's emblem!"

Donald Duck: "Then, what?"

Goofy: "And how come I feel like I mighta seen 'em before?"

Sora: "Well, they aren't friendly."

Sulley: "Stay here. Kitty will be back."

Mike: "Those guys are right, Sulley. This has got "bad news" written all over it."

Sulley: "Yeah, we gotta keep Boo safe."

Mike: "I'm on it."

Video[edit | edit source]

Doesn't Sound Very Caring

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