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Laugh Energy

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"Laugh Energy" is a cutscene for Monstropolis in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Mike (singing): "Gotta send her home right now, or so help me... So help me! So help me!"

Sulley: "So, Monsters, Incorporated used to rely on scream power from human kids for energy, but now we collect their laughter instead. It turns out laughter's ten times more powerful."

Boo: "Kitty!"

Sulley: "And we'd never have figured it out without Boo."

Sora: "Cool."

Goofy: "Our ship's powered by laughter, too! Guess we've got that in common."

Donald Duck: "Sora's a laughter machine!"

Sora: "Come on, I am not."

Sora: "Unversed are back!"

Sulley: "This is terrible!"

Mike: "Look! There's Boo's door!"

Mike: "Go get Boo!"

Sulley: "We'll have to play another time, Boo. You stay here."

Sora: "Ready to clean house?"

Video[edit | edit source]


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