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Light Expires

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"Light Expires" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy gather with the other guardians of light in preparation of facing the Organization. As they move forward, they quickly encounter a figure who appears to be Terra, but is actually a Xehanort-controlled version of him from the past named Terra-Xehanort, a member of the Real Organization XIII. Terra-Xehanort claims that the guardians of light will all be torn apart heart from body, but promises that the χ-blade will still be forged. He then attacks Ventus and quickly knocks him out before attempting to strike Kairi. Lea blocks his attack, but is thrown back into a rock. Goofy then blocks Terra-Xehanort's next attack, sending him backwards. Donald casts the powerful Zettaflare, which appears to destroy Terra-Xehanort, but Donald collapses in the process. While the guardians recover from the attack, the Heartless gather into a large swarm and attack, swiftly taking and eliminating all the guardians of light. As foretold, darkness prevails, and light expires...

Transcript[edit | edit source]

King Mickey: "Is everybody okay?"

Everyone nods in agreement.

Sora: "C'mon, let's go."

Aqua and Ven nod in agreement. Ven notices someone coming. The dust clears, revealing Terra standing nearby.

Ventus: "Terra!"

Ven begins to run towards Terra.

Aqua: "Ven!"

Ventus: "Terra! We found you!"

Aqua: "Terra, please say you're in there."

Terra stares blankly. Aqua pulls Ventus back.

Ventus: "What gives, Aqua?"

Aqua: "I know that you're not him. Now, let our friend go!"

Terra smiles as his hair turns white and his eyes become yellow.

King Mickey: "He is their thirteenth."

Terra-Xehanort: "Today is the day you all lose."

Aqua: "What?!"

Terra-Xehanort: "Before you even face the thirteen, every last one of you will be torn heart from body. But fear not. The χ-blade will still be forged."

Sora: "We're not gonna lose to you."

Terra-Xehanort teleports and attacks Ventus, sending him flying.

Aqua: "Ven!"

Sora: "That's it!"

Sora runs at and swings his Keyblade at Terra-Xehanort, but he stops it with darkness. Sora is then sent backwards. Terra-Xehanort rushes towards Kairi, but is blocked by Lea, who is sent flying into a nearby rock.

Kairi: "Axel!"

Terra-Xehanort prepares to strke at Kairi. Sora starts running towards them.

King Mickey: "No! Sora!"

Donald and Goofy run to Sora. Sora shields Kairi with his body. Terra-Xehanort brings down his Keyblade, only to be stopped by Goofy's shield. Donald begins charging up his magic.

Goofy: "Donald, don't!"

Donald: "Zettaflare!"

A column of fire bursts from Donald's wand and hits Terra-Xehanort, defeating him. Donald passes out from the force of the attack. Goofy and King Mickey run to Donald, while Aqua arrives at Ven's side.

Aqua: "Ven!"

Sora looks on as Kairi and Riku arrive to Lea's side.

Sora: "This can't be real."

Heartless begin pouring out from a pool of darkness ahead of the group. Riku runs to Sora.

Riku: "Pull it together Sora! We haven't lost them. They still have their hearts. But we have to protect them."

Sora: "Right!"

Aqua: "We stand together. Mickey, Kairi, Goofy, watch the others."

King Mickey: "No, we should all get to safety, while we still can."

Riku: "It's too late for that."

A swarm of Heartless come in from behind the group and join the other Heartless, forming a tornado. Kairi, King Mickey, and Goofy watch with worry.

Aqua: "It can't be... No..."

The Heartless overtake Aqua.

Riku: "Aqua!"

The Heartless sweep up Ventus. Kairi and Lea, then Mickey, Goofy, and Donald are also taken. Sora reaches out to Kairi as the Heartless pull her away. Sora falls to his knees and cries out in anguish. Riku runs to Sora's side as he begins to cry.

Riku: "Sora!"

Sora: "They're gone. Kairi, Donald... Goofy, the King... Gone forever. What do we do? Without them...I... All my strength came from them. They gave me all of it. Alone, I'm worthless. We've lost... It's over."

Riku stands up.

Riku: "Sora, you don't believe that. I know you don't."

Riku walks forward and holds back the Heartless with his Keyblade. Eventually, the Heartless overtake him. They rush towards Sora, as he is taken, too.

And so, as foretold, darkness prevailed, and light expired...

Video[edit | edit source]

Light Expires

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