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Kingdom Hearts III "Classic Kingdom" trailer revealed at Dandelion Meeting

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Kingdom Hearts III "Classic Kingdom" trailer revealed at Dandelion Meeting
  • New Kingdom Hearts III trailer revealed by Tetsuya Nomura shows off mini-games.
  • Minigames will be based on classic Mickey Mouse cartoons in 1980s LCD gameplay.

It has been an exciting weekend with the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: Dandelion Meeting event in Anaheim. One of the major reveals at the event was a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III!

The new trailer features Sora, Donald, and Goofy with the Twilight Town gang of Hayner, Pence, and Olette in Tram Common in Twilight Town. Sora is playing with a video game mobile device of some kind. Then, the trailer shows various LCD-style games that one can play.


The trailer shows one game of Sora and Mickey trying to reach where Minnie is at the top of a construction site while Pete throws objects to obstruct the effort. The trailer then shows off four other minigames, "The Barnyard Battle", "Karnival Kid", "Giantland", and "Musical Farmer", each based on a 1930s Mickey Mouse cartoon by the same name. At the end, Sora is shown smiling and enjoying the game.

Two of the minigames, The Barnyard Battle and Musical Farmer, were playable at the Dandelion Meeting[1]. Series director Tetsuya Nomura also revealed that there would be over 20 such minigames in Kingdom Hearts III, and that each minigame would be unlocked as the game progressed. Finally, it was announced that the collection of games, referred to collectively as "Classic Kingdom", would be featured in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] before the release of Kingdom Hearts III.

Just as expected, we got a little something for Kingdom Hearts III at the Dandelion event. Are you excited for the new minigames?


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