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Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Invitation event coverage

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Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Invitation event coverage

  • Members of the community and press were allowed to play through segments of Toy Story and Olympus worlds
  • Wreck-It Ralph confirmed as new summon, names given to newest Keyblades.
  • Release date to be revealed next month.

Square Enix hosted members of the Kingdom Hearts community that they had invited for the Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Invitation event, and lifted the restrictions on the information shown there. And there was information there. If you lost track of all the exciting news revealed in Kingdom Hearts III, we’ve got you covered!

First Gameplay Demo

The highlight of the event is the first playable demo for the game. The demo featured segments from two worlds, and both segments were fully voiced in English. The first is the Rock Titan boss segment from Olympus. Sora begins at the bottom of a tall mountain and has to run up the side of the cliff to reach the Rock Titan. In various videos uploaded by those who were able to attend, Sora is able to use the Wonder Balloon Link through the Flowbermeow Dream Eater[1], as well as the Big Magic Mountain Attraction attack. The latter has evolved greatly since we last saw it in an early trailer at D23 Expo Japan in 2013.

The other world featured was the Toy Story-themed world, now officially named Toy Box. There is much more that has been shown publicly of this world. Here, we have our first look at the other two known links in action, Ariel’s Lagoon Showtime and Ralph’s 8-Bit Blast, the latter being seen for the first time. We also see other Attraction attacks, including the Mad Tea Cups and Pirate Ship. We also see Sora once again able to control the Gigas toy robots. Additionally, Sora is now able to switch among up to three different Keyblades. The ones featured have been seen so far in recent trailers, and are the Ever After, Smile Gear, and Infinity Badge Keyblades. This quick switching, which series director Tetsuya Nomura explained is because Sora has mastered his use of the Keyblade so well, allows Sora to use different Keyblade transformations in battles without having to wait to access the pause menu. The gameplay footage we’ve seen so far from many features the Mirage Staff, Twin Yo-Yos, and Quick Claws Keyblade transformations.

Discussion Panel

The event also featured today a discussion panel with series director Tetsuya Nomura and co-director Tai Yasue. Nomura revealed that the ending for Kingdom Hearts III will be one that will be hard to swallow for many.[2] The game itself will take a darker tone, with the theme being centered on both what the heart is[3] and "resolution", as in resolving the fight against Xehanort[4]. Finally, Nomura promised a lot more information coming next month[3], so we’re looking forward to that in just a few short weeks!

Famitsu interview

Famitsu was able to interview both Tetsuya Nomura and Tai Yasue during the event. Nomura and Yasue discussed different aspects of the development of Kingdom Hearts III specifically and the Kingdom Hearts series in general, including the design process for the Disney-based worlds and the various Keyblades, the Link system, and the Classic Kingdom minigames that were revealed last month. In that interview, Nomura also revealed that they expect to announce the release date for the long-awaited title early next month.[3][4] While he didn’t specify when, we expect the release date reveal to be at either the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour-'s first performance in Los Angeles on June 9th, or at Square Enix’s E3 Showcase presentation on June 11th. At last, Kingdom Hearts III is taking leaps towards completion.

We are really excited for all the news that came out, and for those who were able to attend. We'll be updating our articles on the Database as more information comes out about the event. What was your favorite thing to learn from the event?


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