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Kingdom Hearts III at Lucca Comics and Games 2018 Coverage

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Kingdom Hearts III at Lucca Comics and Games 2018 Coverage
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  • Kingdom Hearts III adornes Villa Bottini in Lucca, Italy.
  • New trailer revealed features Kingdom of Corona

Lucca Comics and Games marks the fourth event in a five-event, two-week tour of the Kingdom Hearts III demo. Today, the event had a special panel for the highly-anticipated title featuring series Executive Producer Shinji Hashimoto titled "Share the Magic", which culminated in a new trailer for the game.

The panel exhibited information that we already know from previous presentations and events. It went through the series history and the worlds already announced, followed by presentations on the Keyblade and various Keyblade transformations. More gameplay was featured, including a fight against the Lava Titan from Olympus, various Attraction abilities, and the Link system. The segment concluded featuring the Gummi Ship and various other previously-announced minigames, including Classic Kingdom.

Finally, Shinji Hashimoto came on stage and once more shared the story about how Kingdom Hearts was first conceived. He also revealed that the original title sold out very quickly. Hashimoto also explained that while DLC is being considered, they don't have any plans for it yet. He also revealed that there will be a lot of drama in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. Finally, to conclude, Hashimoto revealed that series director Tetsuya Nomura was originally planned to attend the event, but couldn't because of development on Kingdom Hearts III. Instead, they chose to share a new trailer.

The new trailer, dubbed the Lucca 2018 or Tangled trailer, is only a minute long, but features the first look at English cutscenes from the Kingdom of Corona. It also is the first trailer to feature the ESRB rating for the game.

Lucca Comics and Games 2018 Trailer

With development wrapping and just under three months to go until the game's release, the excitement is truly ramping up. Our sights are now set on the final event of this major run for the demo, with Xbox FanFest and X018 this coming Saturday. What did you think of the new trailer?


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