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A Replica for Roxas

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"A Replica for Roxas" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy travel in the Gummiship.

Donald: "Sora, what about the "power of waking"?"

Sora: "You had to remind me?"

Goofy: "Well, gawrsh, we just wanna help keep ya motivated."

Sora: "I was thinking about Roxas. He's trapped here in my heart. But...he needs a body to be himself again."

Goofy: "Aw, don't worry. Ienzo's workin' on a way to get him free. I'll betcha he's got the perfect body all lined up."

Jiminy Cricket: "You've got the Gummiphone, Sora. Why don't ya try givin' him a call?"

Sora: "Uhh, I guess so?"

Sora pulls out the Gummiphone.

Sora: "Yeah, why not."

Sora dials on the Gummiphone. King Mickey picks up.

King Mickey: "Oh! Hiya, Sora!"

Donald and Goofy: "Your Majesty!"

Sora struggles to view the Gummiphone screen with Donald and Goofy in front of him.

Sora: "Hey! Wha...? Wrong number?"

King Mickey: "No, Riku and I are visiting Radiant Garden. Actually, we were just about to call you guys. But it looks like you beat us to the punch."

Riku: "Sora, is something wrong?"

Sora: "I wanted to pick your brain. In order for us to recomplete Roxas, he needs a body, right?"

King Mickey: "Yeah, to put his heart in."


King Mickey and Riku ponder on Sora's question in Radiant Garden.

Riku: "Replicas..."

Sora: "Huh?"

Riku: "Well, replicas are basically human."

Sora: "Uh, what?"

Riku: "Oh, yeah... You wouldn't remember. The previous Organization XIII developed "replicas": realistic vessels to place hearts in. They're so real, in fact, that you'd actually mistake them for people. And with hearts, the replicas will become people."

Sora: "Cool, but if we get our hands on a replica, will Roxas look like himself when he's recompleted?"

Riku: "Yup. The replica takes the form of the heart inside it."

Sora: "That's perfect!"

King Mickey: "I'll talk to Ienzo. He was in the Organization back then, so he might know more."

Sora: "Great. Thanks."

Sora turns to Donald and Goofy.

Sora: "Wait... Do you guys think they're after replicas too?"

Goofy: "No, they definitely said "a black box.""

Riku: "Who's that?"

Sora: "The Organization and Maleficent."

Donald: "I guess we forgot to mention it."

King Mickey: "Aw, it's okay. But there's something you guys should know about one of their members."

Sora: "Huh?"


King Mickey: "So let the rest of us worry about Roxas and Naminé for now. You journey on, and keep an eye out for Terra."

Donald and Goofy huddle in front of the Gummiphone, obstructing Sora's view.

Donald and Goofy: "Yes, Your Majesty!"

Sora: "Stop that!"

The call ends. King Mickey and Riku laugh.

King Mickey: "They don't change, do they?"

Riku: "Nope, that's their best quality."

King Mickey: "Welp, we gave Merlin the vestments for Kairi and Axel. Let's go stop by Ansem the Wise's study."

Riku: "Right."

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