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User:Chainoffire/Festival Dance

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Chainoffire/Festival Dance
Festival Dance gameplay KHIII.png
Kingdom of Corona
Total Score
50,000: Rank A
30,000: Rank B
10,000: Rank C
0: Rank D

Festival Dance or Dancing with the Townsfolk is a required mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III.


Upon arriving in the Town Square for the first time, Rapunzel invites Sora to dance with her and the Townsfolk. Halfway through the dance, Maximus pushes Eugene into the dancing. After the mini-game is complete, Rapunzel and Eugene meet in the middle, which finishes the dance.


First time

Dancing with the Townsfolk

Celebrate the festical and strut your stuff! Approach the townsfolk and match their dances to quickly fill the gauge. Mirror their moves by pressing to spin and twirl, or to step and stmp. When you've gor yourself a partner, press in the rings of light to clap along.


Go for a high score as you dance with the townsfolk! Here are a few ways to rack up points.

Keep the Chain Going
Correctly match multiple dances in a row to build a chain and increase your score multiplier.

After changing partners, move into the rings of light and clap three times in a row to put more time on the clock.

Dance with Rapunzel
Use TriangleSunwheel to dance with Rapunzel and get a chance to score big!



Performance Point Values
Flipping off of a Cart 4000
Spinning a Flag 3500
Spinning on a Barrel 3000
Pairing with a partner 500 (+50 per chain)
Making the first or second Step/Clap/Spin with a partner 50
Making the third Step/Clap/Spin with a partner 200 (+3:00 added to timer)
Making a successful Spin or Step during Sunwheel ???
Using Sunwheel ???


Requirement Reward
Complete in Story Magic Boost
First Replay Entry in Jiminy's Journal, Unison Thunder
Rank A Magic Boost or Master Medal
Rank B Master Medal or Junior Medal
Rank C Wellspring Stone
Rank D Wellspring Shard
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