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Light & Darkness

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Light & Darkness (ライト&ダーク Raito & Dāku?, lit. "Light & Dark") is an ability found in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It allows Sora to turn into either Antiform and Final Form much easier.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit | edit source]

"Has a special secret effect. Increases chance of turning into Anti or Final form."

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Light & Darkness is an equipment ability tied to Two Become One. When equipped, Sora will transform into either Antiform or Final Form when attempting to activate any other Drive Form during combat. Which transformation will occur depends on whether or not Final Form has already been unlocked.

  • If Final Form has already been unlocked, attempting to activate Final Form will always be successful. But, attempting to activate any other Drive Form will result in Antiform activated instead.
  • If Final Form has not been unlocked, Sora has a (3x)3%[1] chance to unlock Final Form upon selecting any Drive Form. Otherwise, Antiform will activate instead.

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

  1. "x" being the number of times Antiform is activated before obtaining Final Form, but after the fight with Roxas. Maximum 75%, minimum 9%.
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