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The Organization's Origins

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"The Organization's Origins" is a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts III.

Story[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Marluxia: "So, why are you back?"

Larxene: "Nice way to greet your old partner in crime."

Marluxia chuckles.

Larxene: "So, why do you think the old geezer took us back? He must know we backstabbed the Organization when Xemnas was running it."

Marluxia: "Xehanort doesn't care about you or me. To him, we're nothing but empty husks. The old Organization was the same. Xehanort needs thirteen vessels to hold his essence."

Larxene: "Husks? Not me. You up for another coup?"

???: "Oh, please. You couldn't do it last time. You gotta play it smart, like me."

Demyx appears on a nearby pillar.

Larxene: "What?! You're not smart!"

Demyx: "Well, you heard what Marly said. I don't have to be smart."

Larxene: "Or capable, or likeable, or attractive. A cereal bowl would make a better vessel."

Demyx: "Whoa now, you are way out of line. I am extremely imposing...when I want to be. Which is, admittedly, almost never."

Larxene: "Why haven't you gone to any worlds? Are you slacking?"

Demyx: "'Course not. I got benched."

Larxene: "Huh?"

Marluxia: "Saïx brought Vexen on board. They must be planning to use replicas."

Larxene: "Those windup toys?"

Demyx: "Oh, no. The replicas are way more real than you remember. I mean, one stole my spot!"

Larxene (laughing): "Of course it stole your spot. You're dumb as a brick."

Demyx: "Har-dee-har."

Marluxia: "Vexen's latest replicas are no mere puppets. The Riku replica we used in Castle Oblivion was just a prototype. The next replica, the one crafted from Sora's memories, was real enough to join our ranks. And Vexen claims the new ones will be human in every way. If he ever finishes them."

Larxene: "Oh... The thing is...I kinda told Sora and his nitwits that we're ready. My bad."

???: "Let them believe as much."

Larxene: "Ugh. Xemnas."

Xemnas: "If they think that we have all thirteen darknesses, then they will panic. And panic leads to a lack of preparation."

Demyx: "Yeah, totally."

Larxene: "Why is this thing a member again?"

Demyx: "Hey now! Pointing is rude."

Xemnas: "The first six members of the original Organization were all apprentices to Ansem the Wise, and the seventh and eighth members joined thereafter. The thirteenth member was Roxas, a Keyblade wielder. So. What about you? How do you suppose I chose numbers nine through twelve?"

Larxene: "Because our hearts are über powerful."

Xemnas: "Wrong. You have been brought together for another purpose."

???: "What? So that we can rot away on the bottom rung?"

Larxene (sighing): "You're in too? What is this, Organization Rehash?"

Luxord: "I happen to play an important role. No one "benched" me."

Demyx: "You were listening? So not cool."

Luxord: "One must hold one's cards as long as necessary."

Larxene: "What "important role"? That stupid box that Xigbar claims is real, but won't tell us a thing about?"

Luxord: "You'll just have to ask Xigbar that."

Luxord: "Now then. Xemnas, what is this "purpose"? You didn't invite us back for old times' sake."

Xemnas: "You four are going to reveal your greatest secret: the ancient Keyblade legacy that slumbers within you."

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