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Square Enix announces "star-studded voice cast" for Kingdom Hearts III

From Kingdom Hearts Database
Square Enix announces "star-studded voice cast" for Kingdom Hearts III

  • Square Enix announces various voice actors participating in Kingdom Hearts III
  • The voice acting cast includes original voices of Olaf, Joshamee Gibbs, and Rex from their respective films.
  • Announcement reveals inclusion of Mother Gothel in the Kingdom of Corona world

In an unexpected move, Square Enix announced this morning various voice actors who will be a part of the highly-anticipated upcoming title Kingdom Hearts III. In a press release, the video game developer announced a "talented actors will also be lending their voices to KINGDOM HEARTS III, making it the most star-studded game of the franchise yet."

Square Enix announced the following would be in Kingdom Hearts III:

Osment was previously revealed to be reprising his role as the series's main protagonist at Google's YouTube Live at E3 presentation in June. The list also reveals that Gothel, Rapunzel's kidnapper-mother will be appearing in Kingdom Hearts III. Interestingly, the company did not reveal the voice actors for some of the other known characters, like Rapunzel, Captain Jack Sparrow, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, or even main characters like Riku or Kairi. The latter is particularly important, as her original voice actress Hayden Panettiere has claimed via Twitter that she has not been contacted to reprise her role in the game.

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